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Friday, August 11, 2006

Working and Working

I started work on the synopsis for the J9 books yesterday. It's an interesting situation trying to do three books in one proposal--and that's how I'm shooting to do it as opposed to the way I put together the packages for my other multi-book ideas where each had a separate synopsis. The reason why I want to do this one as a single unit is because of the major plot arc that goes across all three books. My thought is to follow the arc and through the synopsis and detail each book when I reach its point in the timeline.

The other thing that's interesting is trying to get a handle on six characters at the same time. Flare, who'll be the hero in book 1, has been talking right along, but then I spent time with him for Eternal Nights so he's familiar. Sasha, his heroine, not talking so much. Last night, Nadia, the heroine in book 2 started sharing info, but her hero? Well, Digger is damn quiet. The characters in book 3, Z and Carly are complete enigmas right now except that she's piped up to say that her name ISN'T Carly. But do you think the character formerly known as Carly will tell me what her name really is??? Of course not. Despite all this, I think I'm making some progress, though, I'm not quite sure why I believe that. ;-)

Still no titles, working or otherwise.

The sod guys came yesterday and they did a lot of work. It amazed me. Um, keep in mind that I basically turned this entire landscaping project over to my dad and I didn't realize that he'd decided to have my yard redone so that the water would run farther away from the house. He really didn't like that lake that formed in my backyard even though it wasn't close to the house at all. He also had them pull out a couple of dead evergreen trees and knock down the hill on the north side of my house. That was a steep dropoff!

No actual sod is down yet, but they're supposed to do that today. I'll take pictures because I know y'all can't wait to see my yard with actual grass as opposed to dirt and/or weeds. :-) Actually, I'm curious to see my yard with grass down too now that it's been resculpted, but I'm not looking forward to having to water that sod. I'm already praying rain. ;-)

And my spell check is working again on Blogger! Yea! I wonder if it has anything to do with accidentally clearing all my cookies off the computer yesterday evening?