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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blazing Speed

Before I get started, a couple asides from last night that I forgot to mention. As they're talking about my dad and all the wonderful things he's done, one of the themes that came up over and over was that if they need something done, they call him and it's taken care of right away. I'm sitting there thinking, my God, I have two bar stools at my counter that still rock and have rocked since March. I've got a magnifying mirror that needs to be installed in my bathroom and has been collecting dust since like July 2nd, then there's the shower rod for the guest bathroom and the paintings sitting behind a chair in my great room and-- Well, you get the idea.

The other thing I found funny last night was these old men were making jokes with the young princesses running around serving dinner. What was so hilarious was that these girls would give this obviously fake laugh and I would bet anything that they wanted to roll their eyes. So I was sitting there, laughing at these girls' reactions and everyone thought I found the jokes funny. Not. Sometimes these girls didn't even get the joke, like the guy who asked for Irish coffee. From the blank look on this kid's face, I'm pretty sure she had no clue what Irish coffee is.

I'm posting to you from an internet connect of a blazing 26.6. Sigh. Dial up isn't usually this bad, but apparently all that phone cable lying on my lawn is temporary. My permanent cable was buried on Tuesday, but I haven't been cut over yet, so I'm still running on the temp stuff. I'm hopeful that the permanent connection will speed up my internet connections because I'm going to lose my mind. The phone company, I've learned, moves at it's own speed and it's about as slow as my internet connection this morning.

I do plan to get cable internet. Eventually. Before I do that, I want to network my house because I like to move around with the laptop. Before I can network, I need to get the computer room unpacked and things put away. I can't move some of the furniture until the blinds are installed or they'll never reach the window and I still haven't heard from the store this week.

The bare window in my bedroom is starting to bother me more and more. I know it would be really difficult for anyone to see in because of the height of my house and the position of the windows and the fact that I don't have a neighbor behind me, but I feel exposed. Plus there's all that glare on the laptop screen. :-)

My other annoyance is all the cardboard my dad put down on the floor. For people who don't know the story, I have fake wood floors and to protect them, he put down cardboard last week. The builder was coming in and doing some touch-ups on things I'd found, the blind store called and they were supposed to come out this week and he didn't want my floor to get scuffed. But I'm damn tired of cardboard. It makes my house look messy and it makes it feel cold or temporary or something. I don't know how to describe it. So I don't want to take the laptop into the great room because I don't want to look at cardboard, but writing in my bedroom is a challenge because of the window and the glare on the computer screen.

To close out this morning's post on a positive note, Penney's called and the curtains I ordered are in! Hurrah! My mom and dad are going to pick them up today while I'm at work and by this afternoon, I'll have them up. Once the blinds and the rest of the curtains are up, I'll probably take pictures and post them. If I can find my digital camera and get it charged up again. You see, I packed it in this box....