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Monday, September 18, 2006

Chat Tonight

I'm chatting tonight at Writerspace at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. This is the monthly ParaNormal Romance chat and all the authors who were interviewed for Paraphernalia have been invited. I don't know who else will show up, but I plan to be there. I hope some of you can make it too!

I worked on my new scene yesterday. I could have finished it, but I stopped after five pages because it was boring. All introspection, nothing really happening. In the first version of this story, there was more stuff before the mission started and I was hoping I could maybe use some of that, but nothing really worked with the new version. I was kind of hoping to wake up with the answer this morning, but no such luck. I'll have to do some mulling.

After working all day, I finally logged back on the internet and had three email--2 spam and 1 digest from Yahoo Groups. What? Did the world stop yesterday? No one had posted on any of the boards I visit (all 2 of them) and there was 1 blog entry on my Bloglines. Where'd everyone go? And why didn't you invite me? ;-)

So my pages suck and I decided the curtains I ordered Saturday aren't going to work for my house after all. The ones for the windows on either side of the china cabinet are too plain and boring. I should have gone with the lacey ones even though I didn't like the uneven edge at the bottom. Or at least I should have waited till I found ones I really liked. And the ones I picked out for the computer room are going to look weird because of the color. They're purple. I'll probably return them both, but at least I had free shipping.

I usually don't dither, but this curtain thing is horrible and I'm trying to do my shopping online because I'm so pressed for time. That only makes things more difficult because I can't really see the fabrics or how much pattern they have. I figured, though, that if I could get curtains up, my mom would stop trying to drag me to the mall. :-/