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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Design Star

This weekend, particularly yesterday, was devoted to house stuff. Monday in particular, I did a lot of running around with boxes. I got some unpacked, but the thing that floors me is all this stuff. When did it accumulate? Gah!

While I was going through some of this crap, I watched Design Star on HGTV. Now, I normally do not like reality television. I am not a fan of Survivor or American Idol or any of those other shows like that. Somehow, though, I got hooked in about 10 minutes on Design Star. :-( See, the thing is that I was flipping around, looking for something to entertain myself with while I ran around the house doing box stuff and they were doing the before and after shots at the end of the show. I always like looking at these, so I paused and watched and discovered it was a DS marathon and this was the end of episode 1.

The first designer eliminated seemed like she had to go. I didn't see the episode, but she was responsible for some hideous art choices--including a vacuum cleaner painted white with the word "Design" written vertically--and when the judges pointed out that it was bad, she argued about how that was just their opinion. Um, I can safely say the vacuum cleaner as sculpture was ugly in 99.9% of the world's opinion. One of the judges said it looked like a vacuum cleaner-shaped tombstone. It did! If this woman thought this was a good idea, I'd hate to see what she'd do to the inside of my home.

Among the designers was also this woman who kept flashing her credentials. She couldn't open her mouth without mentioning that she'd worked as a designer for 6 years and she taught design. When they were doing a living room project, she talked about Roman shades and mentioned that she'd written an article about this. Sigh. It strikes me as excessively insecure to keep mentioning how fabulous you are. (There are writers who do this kind of thing too.) This woman lasted until the first double elimination round.

Then I missed a lot because I was running around where there was no cable. :-( I came back in time to see the elimination that brought it down to three designers. Then I left again, came back in time to see the final design of 2 of the 3 remaining people.

Next week, it's the final--will the next Design Star with their own HGTV show be Alice or David? I don't know, I'll be in Chicago when the final episode is shown and I bet you anything my aunt doesn't have cable television. I'll have to tape it and I'm notoriously bad at ever watching anything I record. Guess I'll have to hope this is repeated.

Anyway, no writing done at all this weekend and I definitely should have worked on revising my proposal. I'd been putting off all the things I did this weekend for too long and they had to get done while I had an opportunity. I think I mentioned my need for a clone? This would have been a good chance to put her to work.