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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Great Title Hunt

I'm awful at titling my stories, so when I wrote the anthology and had the novel due at the end of the same month, I never gave it a name. I turned it in as "Crimson City Anthology." :-) Hey, I had to save those brain cells.

Yesterday, though, the time had come where the story needed a title. I didn't have a clue. I figured, okay, the whole thing (with the exception of the epilogue) took place in one night, so how about something with Night in the title? I proposed:

Out of the Night
Another Friday Night
Dead of Night
All Through the Night
When Night Falls
A Night in the City

My editor didn't like any of them. Hey, I told you I was bad at titles!

He countered with some ideas involving the words strength and/or power because those were the themes of the book. I wasn't too excited about any of those especially since one of them was very close to a previous title I've had.

I started thinking and I was like, in a way, Kimi is born into her power, but born wasn't the word I wanted. I checked out Awakening. Yeah, that's the word I meant. So I counter-suggested "The Awakening." My editor's enthusiastic response? Well, I guess that's not too terrible.

I know, I suck at titles. Sigh. And honestly, I don't love Awakening either, but it's better than "Crimson City Anthology." Right?

I spent last night trying to think up something better. I put it out on one of the boards I visit. I woke up thinking about it this morning. I searched online using combinations of the various key words. I searched IMDB. I have nothing I'm in love with.

So here's the setup. Kimi is a human kijo (Japanese word for witch) and she has a Bak-Faru demon after her to steal her power. She doesn't know how to use her powers yet, but by some fluke, she manages to hurt him badly enough to get away and summon another demon (the hero, Nic) to help her. Nic has been avoiding Kimi because he shares the vishtau bond with her, and for various reasons, he doesn't want it to strengthen yet. Now, though, all bets are off, but Kimi thinks she'll lose her powers and she's the one trying to keep Nic at arms' length now.

If anyone has a brilliant title suggestion, please send it. I'm desperate!