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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Interview and Stuff

First of all, I have a new interview up! It's with ParaNormal Romance and it's part of their Paraphernalia ezine. These were some of the most thought-inducing questions I've ever had to answer--at least that I can remember. I'll also be chatting tomorrow at Writerspace in connection with this article. Time is 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. I'll do a formal announcement on the blog tomorrow.

Secondly, on to my day yesterday. I actually got a lot done on the proposal. There are two things left for me to do before I can return it to my agent: Fix the ending of the book. (This is going to be really, really hard, but she's right, there's a logic flaw there that's huge.) and write a new scene from Sloan's POV. I read through what I can keep and I think part of the reason it seems like so many scenes are from Tyler's POV is that his personality and voice are so strong.

It's not the Sloan isn't strong--she is--but her personality is more laid back, so even when I'm in her POV, Tyler seems to take over. She's kind of a chameleon too, changing what she presents to the world based on her audience and I think that's contributing to this issue. I'm not quite sure what to do about it because this is who they are, but I'm thinking if I can write 6 or 7 strong pages from her, it might fix it. The problem is coming up with a scene that will do this. I'm still thinking about it.

Characters are interesting. Sloan totally holds her own with Tyler, in fact, she aggravates the hell out of him and enjoys doing it. She reminds me of Mika in a way, although Sloan is a lot more cynical and not nearly as outrageous. Tyler isn't as damaged as Conor, but although he's human (this story is NOT paranormal), he's much more dangerous than Conor was.

My characters come in as fully formed people and one of the things I find so fascinating is how my hero and heroine always seem to fit together. It's not something I do and it's not like I get to pick who the characters are or what their personalities are like. I don't even get to name them. :-( Despite the fact that Sloan reminds me a little bit of Mika, Mika would never work as a heroine for Tyler, just like Sloan would never work as a heroine for Conor. Sloan couldn't reach Conor, but Mika could and did. And if for some reason, Tyler was forced to work with Mika, he'd do his job and walk away afterward without a backward glance. He won't be able to walk away from Sloan. I can already see how she's impacted his life, he just doesn't realize he's down for the count yet. :-) That's okay, it makes it more fun for me because there are more torture possibilities.

Goal for the day is to get that new scene written with Sloan, something that showcases her.