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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Plan of Attack

I've been struggling to revise a proposal that I'd sent to my agent. She wanted some minor changes, but among them was that I do the story more from the heroine's POV. It's Tyler's book, but I don't have a problem with telling it mostly from Sloan's POV. I did that with Through a Crimson Veil. That story was Conor's, but because of the series, I had to give the majority of viewpoint scenes to Mika and I think it worked.

The proposal is a prologue and four chapters--they're short ones. Mostly. Prologue was Sloan's POV and the first chapter is split--first scene from Tyler and the second from Sloan. The fourth chapter is in Sloan's POV too, so that left chapters 2 and 3. (Three is from the bad guy's POV.) So I've been fighting with chapter 2, trying to take it out of Tyler's head and tell it from Sloan's perspective, but no matter where I started it, the change just didn't work. I thought it was because I hadn't written new stuff for so long in this story (and maybe that's still part of it), but last night I had a light bulb moment. Chapter two flat out has to be in Tyler's POV. It's too boring otherwise because Sloan is doing a lot of little things. Plus, switching to her POV will give too much away too early in the scene. It's stronger in Tyler's head.

Since the third chapter is entirely from the bad guy's POV, I've decided to dump that and replace it with a scene in Sloan's head. That will swing the majority of the proposal chapters into her viewpoint. Right now, I'm thinking I won't do any villain POV in this book after all. One of the things I want to do is have the hero come to like the villain and struggling with that because he knows this guy is bad. As I thought about it last night (before I fell asleep), I realized that if we only see the villain from Sloan and Tyler's perspective, it'll be easier to make him ambivalent to a degree. There does have to be a reason why Tyler could grow to like him and if I'm in the bad guy's head, it might be harder to make this understandable to the reader because they'll know this man is a bastard.

So now I have a plan of attack for the day. I'm keeping chapter 2 and rewriting chapter 3. There's definitely room to add a new scene/chapter because the book takes a time hop in there. I did that to get to the action faster, but now I'll just fill in the gap.

The other thing I found interesting is what my agent wanted me to spell out in the synopsis. This was all stuff I'd cut to shorten it up. :-) Guess I cut a little too much. This should be easy to fix, though. I think.

In other news, my mom is trying to drive me nuts. She wants me to go to Penney's because they have a curtain sale going on right now. Which is great, except I don't have time. I have to finish this proposal. Have to. Because I really, really, really need to start my next book. Her response when I told her how busy I am? Well, let's just take a drive out there. Sigh. That would take up several hours of writing time and she doesn't seem to understand how important every minute is.