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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Progress: Zero

Yesterday I'd planned to start working on revising my proposal. I mentioned in my last blog post that my agent had pointed out a few things. I'd finished novella revisions and gotten them to my editor on Thursday night and that was done--or so I thought.

I get an email in the morning asking if I have the files in Word instead of WordPerfect. He doesn't have WP on his computer. Well, no, I don't have the files in Word, but I can convert them. I have both programs, but because WP is far, far superior to Word in almost every way, I always write in WP. (And I use Word almost every day at my job so I know both programs equally well--it's not a matter of being more familiar with one. Word just sucks compared to WP. Trust me.) So I spent my evening last night converting files. My master change document had to be redone using Word's compare and track feature because the WP version didn't convert over with markings. Not exactly what I'd planned to do with my day.

I did get started doing some web searches for some information I needed for the proposal. Now that was a exercise in frustration! No matter what search parameters I used, I couldn't find anything even close to what I was looking for. :-( After giving it some thought, I figured I'd rewrite the stuff I needed to and look up the details after I'm done working for the day. That way I'll still be making progress.

The other day, while I was doing a web search for something else, I stumbled across a really great site that I didn't know about. I did know about Behind the Name--I love that site--but I didn't realize they had another section on their site. If you're looking for surnames, check out Behind the Name Surnames.