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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blazing Speed Strikes Again

I thought once the phone company finally got around to burying my cable, that my internet speeds would stabilize. And they did--for like one week. Yesterday, though, I reached new lows: 1200. Gah! I don't think we've seen speeds that low since the beginning of time. I tried three times to connect and got that speed over and over and over. I picked up the phone, and not only was there some kind of echo on the line, I could hear other voices faintly in the background.

Great. So of course this meant a phone call to the phone company. Fortunately(?), I had just received my bill, so I had their phone number handy. Can you believe that when I tried to file a trouble report, they tried to sell me DSL? I do have plans to go to high speed, but cable internet, not DSL. Cable will be faster and I'll be able to keep my ISP which is cool since I do not want to change email addresses again, but before I go cable, I want to network my house so I can access it on the laptop no matter what room I'm in.

But I digress. Finally, I get a hold of someone who isn't pitching and she tells me that they'll have it fixed by 8pm Tuesday night. This is around 4pm Monday. 28 hours? What?

Speed has picked up a little bit. Right now, I'm connected at 24.4, but it totally sucks. I seriously have to get networked ASAP so I can switch over and ditch the phone company.

Now that I'm done complaining, and believe me, slower than usual dial up internet can keep me going forever, I can talk about the positive stuff that happened Monday. I already posted about my French edition which is like the coolest thing! I'm still psyched about that. But my dad also came over yesterday and we hung my paintings. I should take a picture, but at my connection speed, there's no way in heck I'm taking the time to upload a photo.

Anyway, these two paintings were bought when I was in Hawaii in 2002, but I didn't have anywhere to hang them until I moved. They were sitting on the floor next to the wall, waiting and waiting for my dad, but finally he did it. They actually hung nicely, but I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with them in this room. They're very blue paintings and they're on a very blue wall. I think it's too much blue, but I'm not taking them down and I'm not looking for different paintings so I'll just have to get used to it.

The other thing my dad installed for me--without any assistance from me--was my magnifying mirror. I had one of these in my old bathroom and I totally loved it! It's great for plucking eyebrows, applying makeup, finding zits. :-) So I bought a new mirror for my new bathroom July 2nd and I've been trying to get my dad to put it up for me ever since then. Three and a half months later, he did! I think, though, that I might have made a little error in judgment. My other mirror was a little too high for me, so I chose a lower spot, and unfortunately, it might just be a little too low. Since he already drilled holes in my wall, though, it's staying where it is. Like the blue Hawaii paintings, it's something I'm going to need to get used to. :-)

Oh, yeah, and I actually managed to write a little bit in the new book yesterday and it didn't totally suck! Now that is the best news of all!