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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Closer to Normal

Things are ever so slowly coming together in the house. I found my Halloween potpourri and my candle! Usually, I don't think of them until after the fact and then it's too late because you really can't put out a candle with ghosts on it at Thanksgiving or a black cauldron with orange and black potpourri. I immediately put both out. I have them on the counter behind the sink in that great blank expanse in front of the windows.

The cardboard is off the floor now. I kind of nagged my dad about that. I forgot how nice everything looked without it. :-) And my runner is back down in the hallway.

I've been without cable television forever now. At first, it wasn't that big a deal because aside from ball games, I really don't watch that much television and I could always go over to my parents' house if there was something I wanted to see. Except it started wearing on me. No ball games. And the playoffs were coming. So last week, I decided I couldn't wait any longer and it was installed yesterday. Now I have an orange cable lying on my grass right next to the phone company's black cable. I think it's time for another pool. Which utility will take care of their cable first? I'd put my money on Comcast since the phone company has had theirs out there forever.

Next step is to tackle the computer room. That's horrible! Once I get that set up, I might get the Geek Squad out to set up a network and then I'll check into cable internet. I wanted to wait on that till after the first of the year, but with the blazing fast dial up speeds I'm getting, I don't think my patience will hold out. Plus, I signed up for My Space and those pages have so many graphics, it takes forever to pull up on dial up and this isn't exactly something I can work on at the day job. They frown on that. :-(

For anyone wanting a writing update, I finished my third run through of the galleys for Shards of Crimson. I had my mom go through it too and she found three places with missing words that I didn't see. They're all marked now and all I need to do is create a spreadsheet with my changes, print it and get them ready to mail. Except that my desktop computer, the one with Excel on it, isn't hooked up. Sigh. I thought about taking care of that last night, but the bazillion boxes, the hidden electrical outlets and the box of tangled cords were too daunting so I played mah jong instead and then I did some more work on my My Space page.

BTW, every team I was rooting for in the playoffs lost yesterday. I think. I didn't see the score on the St. Louis/San Diego game, but it wasn't looking good for the Padres. Sorry, but I'm a Cubs fan. We don't like the Cardinals.