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Monday, October 02, 2006


So I'm really running late today and I'm searching my mind, trying to think of something more interesting to talk about than the millions of box elder bugs that are swarming in the warm fall weather we had yesterday. What I really want to talk about is the Twins winning the Central Division of the American League, but I'm guessing most of you aren't baseball fans. If I had spare time, I'd start a baseball blog so I could go on and on. Hey, I live for this! (BG)

My current dilemma is one I've been wrestling with for weeks now. I don't have an ending for the proposal I'm revising. :-( Oh, I had one when I turned it in, but my agent found a logic flaw big enough to drive a truck through. Oops! Good thing she saw that. I've been struggling to come up with another way, a logical way, to end it, but so far, nothing works. It either doesn't fit the characters or what I want to do later or some other darn thing. It's very frustrating.

With the new chapter 3 good to go, I'd be close to mailing this off to my agent again, but as it stands, I don't know when it will be ready. This is a subgenre I haven't written in before, so I'm assuming they're going to want me to detail the dramatic conclusion a bit more than if I had a track record. If not, I'd just kind of fuzz up the ending in the synopsis and then wait for an epiphany as I wrote the story. Maybe it's better, though, that I figure it out beforehand because I might have a panic attack on a deadline if I found myself struggling like I am now. :-(

And it's off to the day job. Sigh.