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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I do love Halloween. :-) And as you can tell from the two quizzes I posted last night, I started celebrating a little early. That was actually during a break from cleaning. Sigh. The curtain hardware for all my windows is being installed today, and as I mentioned, I don't know how long it's been since I ran a duster over the top of the windows. I ended up spending forever cleaning everything, and I must say, it looks pretty nice. Except for the boxes that still need to be unpacked in two of my rooms.

I also found out that the city assayer is coming over Wednesday to see the house. I guess so they can figure out how much to gouge me for taxes. Definitely, the thorough cleaning job was required. I even did a load of laundry last night because my new bathmats arrived! Yea! My old one is now in the rag drawer.

There, I think I hit all the exciting parts of my night. Oh, well, it had to be done and it'll stay nice for a few days until I have to dust again.

BTW, does anyone know, is it a glamor don't to leave place mats on the table all the time? I got some really cool aqua ones that look sharp against the table, but after I laid them all out and positioned them just so, I started wondering if it looked tacky.

To close with a real groaner, something borrowed from a commercial: Have a Spooktacular Halloween!