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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here I Go Again

Yesterday morning, I was minding my own business--drinking coffee and making my morning internet rounds--when it happened. It was a picture on one of the sites that did it. The shot? A tribal tattoo on the small of a woman's back. That's when she came. Yep, another character showed up.

In all fairness, I knew there was a woman hanging around the fringes of my consciousness for a while now and I knew she was at least part Polynesian, but she was staying in the background and not bothering me, so I was content to let her remain there. After all, I've got plenty of other characters hanging around my head right now and they're all high on the priority list. Why did she put herself front and center? That damn tattoo was the trigger. She has one just like it in the same location.

I'm not exactly sure who this character is or which story she belongs to. She claims that she's Z's heroine (the third book in the J9 proposal that I'm still trying to find time to finish), but she lied to me about a few other things and I can't trust that she's Jas. However, I was forced to look for a picture of her. Do you know how slow dial up is when looking for pictures? I had a hard time even coming up with search parameters to find potential images.

I think she's Tahitian, which means she's probably been hanging around since the beginning of June because when I wrote Dark Awakening (novella in the Shards of Crimson anthology), Mika and Conor were in Tahiti and unavailable to help Kimi.

Anyway, that shot my all day writing marathon in the foot. And yes, I know, I could have done my writing and looked for pictures of her after I was finished, however, I'm not that disciplined, and besides, I still don't have a new ending for the proposal I'm revising. Everything else is done now except for the last couple of pages of the synopsis. I told a friend that I plan to have an asteroid crash into Earth, causing most of the species (including humans) to become extinct. The End. ;-)

Last night, I was sitting in the great room, working and watching the Dodgers lose, when I hear this noise. I'm like what is that? I put the laptop down and get up to investigate, trying to pin down exactly where it's coming from and what it is. As I moved away from the couch, I zeroed in on its location. I look up at the vaulted ceiling, specifically at the recessed light almost directly above my head and I see it. A box elder bug is attacking the light. The noise I was hearing was its shell hitting glass. Since this is also the light almost at the top of the vaulted area, there's no way I can kill him. I shift position for another angle, and what do I see? A weird bump on my ceiling. I shift some more. Not only do I have a box elder bug dive bombing the light, I also have an Asian beetle parked next to it. On the ceiling. Too high to reach. Argh!

Now I have to figure out a plan of attack because I don't want to be living with these things indefinitely. This morning, the beetle was still next to the light fixture and I don't know if its ever coming down. The box elder is nowhere to be found.