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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Italian Job

The Italian Job is my latest movie rental. A group of thieves who steal a hell of a lot of gold bars are double-crossed by one of their own. This is prologue. The main body of the movie is how the gang steals their gold from the double-crosser. Um, not much of a plot summary, I realize that, but that's about the gist of it. BTW, mentioning the betrayal by one of the thieves isn't a spoiler because the summary on the movie mentions it.

I thought the movie was okay, but lacked the excitement and suspense of The Transporter, which I watched last week. The first problem I had was that when the double cross happens, I really don't care about any of the characters yet. Which kind of left me shrugging when it happened. And truthfully, I never really did care about any of the characters at any point in the movie which was part of what hurt the suspense.

Which leads me to the second problem I had with the movie. I never felt as if it were all that suspenseful. Will they get away with avenging themselves against the betrayer or not? That should have been a driving question. There should have been twists and turns and setbacks and surprises, but I didn't really see any of that. The few things that were supposed to raise the suspense level as to whether or not they'd get away with it, didn't really do much to that end. Most of it was fairly predictable.

Overall, it was an okay movie, but lacked the flair and excitement of the really good caper films where the viewer gets to enjoy seeing how ingenious the thieves are as they pull off their job.

My rating: 3 stars

Adventures in Car Repair

I brought my car in to have the oil changed, have some recall work done, and hopefully, get the engine to stop sounding so rough. I ended up stuck at the dealership for a couple of hours, but that wasn't too bad--considering. Plus, I found a magazine that talked about the art/museum scene in the Twin Cities area which is info that might help me with the WIP. Serendipity.

The adventure begins when I get in my freshly washed vehicle and drive off. The car didn't want to stop. It raced forward and I had to ride the brake. I'd be at a full stop at the light, take my foot off the brake and shoot forward even though I hadn't touched the accelerator. I didn't have to press the accelerator at all on a flat stretch of road because it just kept going and sometimes even picked up speed! This was wrong, way wrong. I turned the car around and went back to the dealership. I turned the ignition off and talked to the original guy I'd worked with. He took the car out for a drive and guess what?

Yep, it didn't do it for him!

He speculated it might have been something that happened in the pressure wash. Maybe something got wet or whatever. So I drive back home and the car is perfect. It doesn't do one weird thing. It's as if it were possessed and bringing it back to the car place exorcised the demon. Grrr! I'm supposed to call the car guy on Monday because he's going to talk to some of his master mechanics and see if they have any thoughts on what happened.

That drive, though, was one wild ride I could have done without.

And Other Stuff

The guy who's supposed to install my curtain hardware called on Friday and he's going to come out on Halloween to put the stuff up. Of course, that means I have to clean and in places I might otherwise skip, like above my eye level. ;-) Seriously, I frequently skip dusting the top of the windows, but I'll have to get the old Swiffer duster out and hit them. On the plus side, though, besides the house being all clean and sparkly, I'll have my curtains all hung and that will be one more thing finished. And once the curtains are up, I'll be able to arrange the furniture in my office and in the spare bedroom. I haven't been able to do those rooms because I had to leave the area around the windows open for installation.

I forgot to set my clocks back before I went to bed last night. I love the day when Daylight Savings Time ends because I get that extra hour of sleep without losing what seems like half the day. However, I hate that it gets so dark in the afternoons so early and I loathe winter. From now until Solstice, it's just going to get darker and darker. Sigh. Then there's the fact that I wish we'd pick one time and stick with it because my internal body clock is going to be screwed up for weeks as it tries to adjust to this new time.

I'm almost done with revisions to In the Midnight Hour. I still have a couple things left to do, but I haven't found the perfect spot to drop them in yet. I've got some thoughts on where I hope to put them, so that's the plan for the day--find them and finish revisions.