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Friday, October 13, 2006

One Ringy Dingy

I got my new phone yesterday! I needed one for my bedroom since it's on the opposite side of the house from the other two phones. Best Buy tried to sell a maintenance agreement on a $12 phone! Say what? At that cost, if the phone has a problem, I think I can manage to buy a new one. Good grief.

Anyway, I put batteries in it and tested it out--only the caller ID function didn't work. :-( My dad was over because he plans to put up my pictures today (I'll believe it when I see it) and he wanted me to tell him where to put them. So I call him over and I'm like, it doesn't work. His first question? Do you have all the batteries in the right direction? I was like, of course I do! There are little pictures on the inside of the battery case. How hard can it be to put them in correctly?

Apparently harder than it looks. After much testing, he opened the battery case and pulled them all out. Yep, two of the four batteries were the wrong direction. Sigh. I'm blaming it on exhaustion. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Amazing, how nicely the caller ID function worked after that.

We also have post it notes on my great room wall denoting where I want the pictures to go. It's actually kind of funny. My dad brought a stud finder over, we found several, and after I finally make a decision (because the studs weren't located where I wanted the picture centered so I had to compromise), he says he won't have to put holes in the wall because he has these hanger things. Um, then why were we looking for studs if we don't have to anchor the pictures into them?

He also has plans to put in my magnifying mirror and the shower rod in the guest bath. I really am hopeful that he'll get these things done (July 2nd! That's when I bought the mirror), but I'm not going to bet big on this.

While I'm talking house stuff, and I have enough time to do it, here's my Scooby Doo clock. This isn't something I would hang in the main part of the house, where people could see it, but in my bathroom, it's kind of cute. (Walls are green, BTW, although more of a mint, rather than the bright green of the flowers.)

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In writing news, I still have one place where I want to add a couple sentences explaining why Deke was called that and not Dan, but otherwise I finished revising on the name thing. Most of it was find and replace, but there were a few places where they say something about names and I needed to change those with actual writing. :-)