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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Revisions and the WIP

I was working on revisions again yesterday and rereading the story has reminded me of how much I like Ryne and Deke. She's prickly and he's such a smart ass that he drives her nuts sometimes. There's something about a few months away from a story that allows a different view of the work. Maybe because time creates more distance for a writer. I've only been reading little bits here or there, scenes or chapters where I think I can slide in the changes I need to make, but there's one change that I still have to do that will involve a bigger reread because I'm not sure of the right place.

Revisions are helping me, I think, with the WIP because both Creed and Maia have roles in this story. I didn't remember Creed swearing so much, but he does. I also heard his theme song on the radio yesterday, Carry On Wayward Son, and after fighting with his story, I had a different perspective on what it meant.

The other thing that's been interesting about the WIP is that the bad guy is a demon. Seth. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a really scary name, but if you visit behind the and look up the second definition, it fits. (And I didn't get to name him. Like my heroes and heroines, Seth told me his name. Have I mentioned how much I envy authors who actually have the power to bestow names and not have their characters fight them?)

But anyway, the thing is that for Through a Crimson Veil and Dark Awakening in Shards of Crimson, I had demons for the heroes and one heroine. And while I did have demons for the bad guys in both those stories, these weren't well-defined characters that were talking to me. Seth is kind of talking--at least enough to tell me what to call him--and it's making it hard for me to see him as the villain and to think of him that way. I guess this is a problem for when I'm done with revisions and working on the WIP, but I keep looking at this and thinking, wow, this is strange.

And speaking strange, My Space is insisting I have 4 messages in my inbox and yet it's empty. I've refreshed, I've cleared my trash and still they insist I have these messages. Now I'm paranoid that they're there, but I just can't see them. Of course, I'm always worried about email. :-/ It's why I have such a hard time when people don't reply because then I worry that they didn't receive it. Every time I email and ask, they always have and then I feel silly for being concerned. I'm trying really hard not to email any of the people I emailed to see if they got my notes.