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Monday, October 16, 2006


I finally managed to find out the score of the Mets/Cardinals game this morning and it wasn't easy since there were so many darn football scores. I didn't stay up to watch the entire game since the Mets were having so many problems lately, and as a die-hard Cub fan, I am duty-bound to loathe the Cardinals. It didn't seem worth the lost sleep to watch. However, I just heard that the Mets kicked butt. Yea!

Okay, now that my baseball fixation is addressed, I can move on. Yesterday, I actually managed to get a fair amount of writing done. It came pretty easily too, and although what I ended up with isn't perfect, it's something I can work with. I'd be in raptures, except for one thing. This isn't the book I'm supposed to be working on. I know. But that one is giving me fits and making me clean the house. I even stayed off the internet and didn't watch television until I finished the pages I needed.

That's when I found out about the earthquake in Hawaii. Again, I can't find any updated news on this so far this morning. What the heck is up with that? By now, I expected to have a lot more information available, but none of the news stations had anything when I flipped through.

I'm a news junkie to a degree. Probably that journalism major in college. I love to watch how they handle big stories so I ended up glued in front of the television for hours. The last report I'd heard said no fatalities, thank goodness! I also had a phone call from my dad letting me know that my cousin and her husband were in Kona and fine. I'm keeping the people of Hawaii in my thoughts and hope that things turn out as well as they sounded last night.