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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

I hung my Scooby Doo clock in the bathroom last night. I know, but it's a cool clock. Very 70s kitsch. If I think of it, I'll take a picture so you can see just how cool it is. Somehow, I managed to get it perfectly centered on the wall too--without measuring! It's a little hard to gauge the time, though, since there are no numbers, but hey, it's Scooby! Hanging him made the bathroom feel just a tiny bit homier and he also hides the part where I kind of ripped a tear into the top layer of sheet rock. Now, if I could just get my dad to install my magnifying mirror....sigh.

I also started hooking up my desktop computer last night. I rarely use it so this wasn't high on the priority list after the move. Oh, sure, there were a few times it was inconvenient, but not bad enough to force me to battle that mess in my office. Last night, though, I was exhausted from a weekend with little sleep and my mouth hurt from a trip to the dentist. Perfect time to tackle a gazillion cords. :-/ I'm not quite sure what I was trying to hook the monitor cord into on the back of the computer, but it didn't fit. :-) It was blue, though, matching (or close to matching) the blue on the cord. I finally did find the right hookup.

Making this whole thing more challenging were all the boxes under the desk, next to the desk, around the desk. I really need to unpack those, but I have to go through them first--and find somewhere to put the stuff. I don't have enough storage. And I can't really put everything out yet because I'm still waiting for the blind store to come back with my curtain rods and hardware.

Anyway, I think my revising of the proposal is done. I heard back from one of my writing buddies, she didn't see any plot holes. If my other writing buddy gives the thumbs up, I'm printing this thing out and mailing it back to my agent. I have to get going on my next book--Creed and Maia beckon.

PS: It's 37 degrees here. I'm cold and I don't like this.