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Monday, October 09, 2006

Stupid Writer Tricks

As I was waiting for coffee yesterday morning, I noticed that Asian beetle was still on the ceiling next to the light. Hmm. I come up with what I believe to be a brilliant idea. I'll get my Swiffer sweeper, knock it to the floor and step on it. I put on shoes, I get my sweeper, I attempt to knock the bug. I missed on the first couple of swipes, but the ceiling is high and it was a stretch to reach his location even with the sweeper thing. Finally, I knock it. I follow it's descent, prepared to leap into action.

I forgot these beetles can fly. In my defense, it was morning, but still, you think that might have occurred to me at some point, yes? Anyway, the thing is freaking out, flying into the ceiling over and over and over again. Coffee finishes, I turn to get my caffeine and when I turn back, the beetle has disappeared. Now, somewhere inside my house, I have both a beetle and a box elder bug. :-(

This wasn't the highlight of my day. That was going to Target. I adore Target and try to limit my trips there because it's easy to ring up incredibly large totals in a short period of time. I needed a new phone. I have two, but they're both on the other side of the house, and when I'm in the bedroom, it's turned out to be a long distance to go before voice mail picks up. Do you think, though, that I could find a simple, corded phone? I'm not even talking with caller ID, I mean any simple, corded phone? Of course not. It was all cell phones and cordless phones. I did, however, find a ton of other stuff I needed.

I have storage now for all the cleaning supplies that I'd tossed on the shelf in my laundry room closet. Since this is also my closet just before I go outside, this was not good. They're now all in a clear box on the shelf. I have a tray for my boots so the snow doesn't melt onto my closet floor and I have a caddy for all the cleaning sprays.

It looked pretty good. I admired everything for a while after I put it away and then I went to work. Um, still no ending and the giant asteroid crashing into Earth seemed a little extreme as a conclusion to a novel. I had maybe 2 pages left to write in the synopsis, so at this point, knowing how the book is going to end was critical. I wrote a couple of sentences. I decided to test out the cleaner I'd bought to get the marks off my walls. (It worked slick as spit!) I tried to work some more, checked to see if anyone had friended me on My Space, decided to use the new hooks I'd bought to mount my calendar and clock.

I put up the hook in the computer room. That went well. I went to take down the old hook for the clock. That didn't go well. It was one of those "don't do anything to your wall" hooks? Well, guess what? It took off a layer on my sheet rock. :-( Fortunately, I noticed before it ripped the piece completely off and my dad thinks he can fix it with glue. (I had to put in an emergency telephone call.)

Okay, now I better work before I tear my house apart. I think I had a sentence, maybe two, down before I decided I had to clean the bathroom. Heck, I didn't just clean one bathroom, I cleaned both of them. That's when I realized I was in heavy avoidance mode. You see, cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing to do. That I found it more fun than writing should give you an idea how bad my day was.

I hate synopses. I hate writing synopses. Why isn't "and then some stuff happens and it all works out and they live happily ever after" a valid synopsis?

But it's worse than just writing a synopsis. I was revising a synopsis. My scathingly brilliant original conclusion to the story had a huge logic flaw. :-( The problem was that there was no good ending that fit the characters and the agency and the story. I finally had an idea somewhere around 3:50. Yes, I managed to procrastinate nearly all day. I emailed it to my writing buddy. I felt hopeful for the first time in a long while. Maybe this would work.

I was checking email at my parents' house when she shot that idea full of holes. :-( And no, the synopsis still wasn't done, even with the unworkable idea. But while I was over there, I thought, what if? I emailed her this idea and she thought it would work, but that Tyler, the hero, wouldn't go along with it. I was like, aha, but he isn't going to know until well after the fact! Now, I have an ending.

I got home around 7pm. I finished the synopsis at 9:50 and went to bed. Now I wait for reaction to the new version. I'll review it today too and make sure I've addressed all my agent's concerns. Hopefully, this is done so I can print it out and send it back to NYC. It's time for me to get to work on my next story. Creed and Maia. I'm looking forward to it because they're both finally talking to me.