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Friday, October 06, 2006

Talking 'Net

I checked this morning and Ravyn's Flight is still listed as available from Barnes & I'm kind of surprised since the previous times it's been there, it's only lasted a matter of an hour or two, but this is a good thing. Now, maybe people who want a copy will be able to get a copy. I can only hope, right?

And speaking of RF, Ingram (big book distributor) finally, finally has some copies available! So now even bookstores should be able to order it in. I can only hope after weeks of futility, that people are still willing to try and get the book.

I'm getting spammed at My Space. I guess I should have expected this, but I really didn't. Live web cam. Yeah, I'm going to run right over for that. Are these spammers hitting all the kids that are on this site? I sure hope not because I'm sure "live web cam" doesn't mean watching someone do their homework. ;-)

On the My Space front, I'm figuring out a few things, although I still feel basically clueless. I redid my page. It's still the same blue theme of my blog and website, but now it has a few more subtle bells and whistles. Patti's My Space Page. And I've managed to acquire a handful of friends. I've been given some suggestions on how to get more, but clicking to add total strangers to the friends list? Do people do that all the time or is that breaking some protocol?

I worked on my synopsis yesterday and I'm nearly finished. I still have no ending for this book, though. That sucks. And it's off to the day job--which sucks more. :-(