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Sunday, October 22, 2006

What Would You Do?

I couldn't come up with anything good to blog about today, so I was procrastinating. Yes, it's true, I even procrastinate when it comes to writing here. To entertain myself, I started doing some Googling and found something that's left me in a dilemma. Over on My Space, someone has a profile page posted that has passages from Through a Crimson Veil on it. This isn't fan fiction, this is outright copying from my book.

On the one hand, it's just four paragraphs on a My Space page that the author hasn't visited since September--she's role playing with some Buffy/Angel people--and clearly she read the book and liked the story enough to use it. On the other hand, copying what I wrote is wrong. Therein lies my quandary. Do I waste time on this or do I just forget about it? What would you do?