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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crimson Veil News and the EDJ

I found out yesterday that Through a Crimson Veil won third place in the Laurel Wreath Awards! Nice way to end the month of November!

A not so nice way to close out the month is with our weather. On Tuesday we were in the mid-50s. This morning, the temperature with the wind chill is a balmy -6 degrees. The straight temp is 8 degrees. And this change actually happened in less than 24 hours because it was damn cold yesterday morning already. My only consolation is that I don't live in that wide swath of the country south of here where they're getting freezing rain, a foot of snow or both. Okay, I know. No one cares about the weather. It's a Minnesota thing and maybe a Midwest thing.

Yesterday was a very frustrating day again at the EDJ. I'm helping another department update its manuals because they're way behind and noticed that a couple of their binders were broken. Knowing I'd get little help from Tech Pubs, I went and found two replacement binders on my own, located the spine labels and found tab dividers--kind of a self-serve situation. But for the spine labels, I needed smaller labels that said what manual it was and what volume, so I asked someone in Pubs for them. I was given a blank sheet of labels and told to type up my own. "You know how to use Word, right?" Geez. There are a couple of helpful people in that department, but otherwise it's a frustrating endeavor to try and get any assistance. I can tell you that didn't happen when I worked over there.

I shouldn't let this kind of crap bother me because it's just the day job, but it did leave me steamed enough that I was stewing about it when I went to bed last night. I'll have to make a point of thanking the two people in that department who do help me when I need it and tell them how much I appreciate it. I've been taking them for granted.

To end on a positive note, yesterday I was checking email at work and I had a note that the moccasins I ordered had shipped! Yea! I figured I'd have them by the weekend, but there they were by the door when I got home. Now that's service! I tried them on right away and ran into exactly what I expected--there's going to be a breaking in period. I had my old pair of moccasins so long that they're really perfect. Soft. Conformed to fit my feet. Sigh. The new pair will be like that some day too, it's just going to take a lot of work to get them there.