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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go. Vote.

One of my fabulous, wonderful editors sent me copies of the Advanced Reading Copy for Shards of Crimson! That was soooo cool to open the package and find those bound ARCs. Of course, now I'm worrying about my story. The joys of being a neurotic writer.

I'm cautiously optimistic on the WIP. So far, it seems to be going well and I haven't felt any need to trash my pages yet. I did some thinking on it, about why the story seemed to come alive (finally!) when I switched to my heroine's POV (I did try this before, without these results). My thought is that while I know facts about Creed and his life, I don't really know him. Certainly not at his core. Since I write by listening to the characters, this is a problem. I'm going to dig out my character sketch forms and fill one out for him. Hopefully, this will be the answer.

I don't understand why these characters can't cooperate more. It's always something with them. :-( And last night, when I went to bed, I tried to corner Creed and get some questions answered and you know what? He lied to me! He's not the first one to do it either. I got even, though. I fell asleep on him. :-)

In house news, I discovered the the curtains I want are referred to as patio panels. There weren't a whole lot to choose from, but I did find one that had some thermal thing going on and will, hopefully, block the worst of the cold as we approach winter. The panel I really wanted--the thin, non-protecting, but cute sheers--were on clearance, but my free shipping promo wasn't good on clearance items and they wanted more than $11 to ship! No way. So I found another panel that was $30 more and got free shipping. ;-) And I did realize it before I ordered, but it's some weird mind set thing I have going on. I can't pay for shipping, which seems to be nothing more than wasted money to me.

Today is election day. Make sure to vote!