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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American visitors! I thought I had a really cute animated gif to put up, but I can't find it, so I'm guessing I forgot to save it when I saw it.

I know this is the time across the blogosphere where everyone posts about what they're thankful for. I've avoided doing that for the first two Thanksgivings, but I think I'm going to succumb today. I'll be brief, though, I promise. It's just that I tend to be a glass half empty kind of person, and if someone points out a silver lining, I'm the one mentioning the gray cloud around it. Because of this, I thought it might be a good thing to mention some of the positive things in my life. I won't list them all.

I'm thankful I have my parents and that they're mostly in good health. They adopted me when they were older, so I'm dealing with them aging way before I'm ready to. My mom is the only one left in her family in her generation, my dad only has a younger brother left. With the death of my aunt this month, it's made me doubly grateful my parents are still around and that my dad is willing to handle so much for me.

I'm thankful I have true friends who've stuck with me through thick and thin. Friends who've listened when I've needed to vent, whine, celebrate and have kicked me in the ass when I needed a good, swift kick.

I'm thankful I finally was able to buy my own home. I love my house, and while I do wish I had a little more room and more time to finish unpacking, it's home. I like having the space to put all my things without being smooshed together and I like the openness the floor plan has. I'm especially thankful when I think of all the people who don't have any home, the hurricane victims of 2005, particularly Katrina, who still aren't home. I do know how lucky I am even if there are times I feel overwhelmed.

I'm going to stop here and not talk about writing and being published. That gets to sound like bragging and I'm from Minnesota--we tend appreciate modesty. I need to work on that since self-promo would undoubtedly help me.

This day tends to get hectic as all family holidays do, but I'd like to suggest that everyone take a moment and remember the things in life that they're particularly thankful for and it doesn't matter if you're in the US and celebrating a holiday or in another hemisphere. It's always nice to take time out and focus on the positive. I know I don't do it often enough so this is a good thing for me too.

Enjoy your day!