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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Help Wanted: Clones

Progress slowed down a bit yesterday because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in the chapter and I had to feel my way into it. This would be one of those days where I wish I was more of a plotter with a nifty little outline of what I want to do and in which chapter. Of course, plotting that minutely would leave me completely bored with the story and be frustrating beyond belief for me, but it's getting to be just as frustrating to have these fits and starts. There has to be a more efficient way to balance plotting and pantsing than what I'm doing now, though.

This is where I need a clone or two. One that can go to the day job, one that can clean and unpack the boxes which are starting to drive me nuts, one that can do family stuff and take care of other errands. Oh, and one that knows how to do scarf valances! ;-) This would leave me to sleep and write, the two things I need to do.

Checkpoint Charlie was dismantled at work on Monday. During the mechanics strike, we had to stop and show our badges before we could get onto company property. It was kind of a pain, and during shift change, could back employees up on to the road. Sometimes even back onto the train tracks, which is dangerous because that damn train comes through constantly. Anyway, now that the mechanics have ratified their contract (more than a year after they went on strike), we can drive right into work again. Now if they'd just open the side gate to relieve some of the traffic from the ramp guys.

Yesterday, I also lost time playing travel agent. My aunt died (my dad's sister) and my parents need to head down for the funeral. They haven't been flying on my passes for a while because they have a very low boarding priority and they actually want to get where they need to be without being bumped. (Ah, the joys of flying standby.) But a last minute fare is double what they were paying when they advance booked, so I checked flights and they were open enough to risk it. Of course, the lovely service fee (plus tax!) my employer charges us for the privilege of using our passes and being bumped really drove up the cost. But I'm not going to get started on that.