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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Little Bit of This. A Little Bit of That.

Brain schism moment. Yesterday morning I put my coat on, grabbed my purse and tote bag and headed out into the garage--only to discover that I'd never closed my big garage door the day before. Gah! =8-O I can see how it happened. I was tired and I had my hands full. I'd ordered a book on mythology and had it sent to my parents' house and I'd stopped by after work. The book was huge. Incredibly thick and tall and all that, so that's probably why I forgot. I'm used to closing the door as I go up the stairs and this time my hands were full and by the time they weren't, I'd forgotten. Nothing was missing (my dad has all kinds of stuff in my garage, sigh) and I did have the deadbolt thrown on the door between the garage and the house. Freaked me out, though.

It rained most of the day yesterday. The temperature was in the 50s, I think they said 56, and the trees were bare. As I was driving out of work, I thought, you know, it really feels like winter. Then I started thinking about spring when it can be 56 and the trees can still be bare and it made me wonder why that rain can feel so hopeful and this rain yesterday felt so depressing. Is it simply because I know that the high temp today is going to be 23 degrees so I was aware it was the last hurrah? Or is there a difference to rain in fall versus rain in spring?

Yep, I really do think like this sometimes. Scary, isn't it?

My French books came yesterday for The Power of Two. I received 5 copies which is more than enough since I don't speak French and I only know one person who does. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with the extras. But that's a problem for another day. Right now, I still have room in my basement. :-)

I heard about this really cool site where you could click the places you'd been and get a map for your website that shows your travels. I did it and posted it here, but I had to take it down because it hosed up all the formatting on my blog and I didn't have time to go through the coding and figure out why. If you want to try it yourself, the site is TravBuddy.

And I think I've run out of stuff to say. Enjoy your day!