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Friday, November 17, 2006

Out of Focus

Thankfully, after one day of chatter, my Polynesian heroine has gone quiet. She intrigues me, though, and so does her hero. Of course, characters from the book I'm not working on are always more interesting than the story I'm writing. For one thing, they require no work and have no stress involved. :-) I like the lack of tension. But for now, I'll just not play any Polynesian music and focus on the WIP.

I discovered that my home page when I logon to the net, will give me news about the baseball teams I follow. How cool is that? So now I can keep up with the off-season trades and other stuff. Although Atlanta doesn't seem to be reporting anything. Oh, well, at least I have the Cubs and the Twins on there. I didn't realize the Cubs were for sale. When I have time, I need to read that article. I just looked at the headlines.

Speaking of articles, one of the guys at work posted an article on our bulletin board. It was mostly about the proposed US Air takeover of Delta Airlines, but there was some speculation in there about NWA. This is from the Star Tribune:

Not everyone believes Northwest is vulnerable to an unwanted takeover, however. Airline analyst Michael Boyd, based near Denver, said the reputation of the Eagan-based carrier's executives could scare off anyone they don't want in the room.

"These are people who don't cook their meat before dinner," Boyd said "You don't mess with them. You leave them alone."

Want to bet our Execs were proudly beating their chests over this quote? Anyway, I'm hoping that if there is any taking over to be done, that it doesn't involve my job moving out of state. Before I got my house, I wouldn't have cared too much, but now I'm rooted. :-/

Last Saturday, I got up early, made coffee, and as I was standing in the kitchen, I looked around and I thought, you know, I really like my house. And I do. I've done some of it slowly, but now that all the curtains and drapes are up, it's nice and it feels like home. I guess that's what really counts.