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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wrote lots. Stayed up way too late. Drank too much coffee yesterday evening. Am dead tired this morning. Creed's finally talking to me, so I guess we will have some scenes in his POV after all.

I thought about ending it here because I really am tired and I've forgotten what I thought of last night to talk about here this morning, but I can report a few things. Yahoo Groups finally coughed up a lot of my digests last night. These were from Friday and Saturday. I don't know if I received everything, though, because one of the notes I know didn't make it through was lecture five from my online workshop. I ended up going to the site and forwarding it to my email so I can have the complete collection.

I was strenuously cursing dial up last night. I had to research two quick items and the connection was taking it's own sweet time which left me frustrated. I did eventually prevail, however, and came up with some stuff I needed. The computer, I guess, had the last laugh since I ended up crabby. I have to wait till I finish this book to get the high speed thing, but I've definitely got to do it--for my sanity if nothing else.

The times they are a'changing. I remember back a few years ago when one of my coworkers gushed on and on about her vacuum cleaner. I thought she was nuts. Who cared that much about a vacuum? Well, apparently, now that would be me. Last night, I saw a demonstration on television for an 8 pound vacuum that came with a hand-held unit that weighed 5 pounds. All kinds of cool attachments. I stopped writing and turned up the sound. I was literally glued to the television for the length of the demo. Sigh. Curtains, valances, pots and pans and now vacuums. What's next? Am I going to get all excited about cleaning products or coupons? Shudder.