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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Slogging Onward

This new opening is finally sticking and I think I'll be keeping it. Considering how many times I trashed that thing, this is cause for celebration. Yesterday, I mentioned doing a character sketch for Creed and I started that. Progress has still been slower than I'd like, but I still feel as if I'm finding my way with this story.

One of the things a wiser, more experienced author told me after I sold RF was that the process will change from book to book and I found that to be true. The one constant I've always had was that the beginning was always clear in my mind and I'd get that vision down before things would slow up. This story, though, changed that. I hope I never have a book that's this difficult to get started ever again. Wow. I never thought I'd have a struggle like this.

My dad came over to replace the two glass shields that fell and broke from my bathroom fixture, but when he got up there, he discovered that two of the remaining three were barely hanging in place. It seems these shields are held in place by one tiny screw pressed into the metal ring. It doesn't even go into the shield. He didn't like how solid they were and ended up taking down the remaining three. Then he called the lighting store, talked to the manager and it looks like I'll be picking out a new fixture.