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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yesterday ended up being a very long day. I did make it to my writing chapter meeting, I voted for the new board and stayed for the business meeting, but I ducked out before the speaker arrived. My dad was going to come with me to the lighting store, but when I stopped by his house to get him, he wasn't there. You see, the lodge needed him.

We did--eventually--get to the lighting store and I picked out a new fixture to replace the one dropping glass sheaths like a tree dropping leaves in fall. It didn't take too long to pick out something new. I'm very into contemporary style and so much is traditional. There was one fixture that I just thought was the coolest thing ever, but I couldn't figure out how to get the glass off of it to change the bulb and it looked inconvenient.

I did find a couple of others I liked, and once I narrowed it down to two, it was fairly easy to pick.

When I got home, I had to put my curtains and drapes up. The drapes took forever, but now I have drapes that actually draw open and closed. Yea! And despite working till 8pm last night, I still didn't accomplish everything I set out to do yesterday. I couldn't believe it, especially since I had my parents helping me.

I also had a conversation with a writing buddy last night. I've been having horrible trouble making my bad guy demon bad. I know I did it in Crimson Veil and in the novella, but I also had a demon or half demons as the h/h. I kept softening the bad guy in my mind, finding excuses for him and that just wasn't going to fly here. So my friend said, why don't you make him a warlock. Hmm. A human with powers who wants more power. That solves my problem of wanting to soften him.

Today needs to be a heavy writing day, so I better get going. Lots to do again.