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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cards and Emails

I received some really nice holiday cards yesterday. It still amazes me that I have readers who take the time to mail me a card. It's sweet and I love it and it makes me smile for hours. Something like that never occurred to me when I was reading, but then thoughtful little things generally go past me before I think of them (if I ever do). I never sent an I-loved-your-book note to an author either, but now I will whenever I like a book because I know how exciting and thrilling and meaningful those notes are. Of course, I've finished one book in the last two years because I'm always so busy now, but if I ever have time to read again, I will email authors whose books I liked and let them know. :-)

I'm working on my own holiday cards. Kind of. Trying to sneak them in while I'm at the EDJ because I just don't have time at home. (I sure hope no one from work is reading this!) This year I did a first for me, I had the cards preprinted with my name and appropriate non-specific holiday greeting. It seems kind of impersonal, though, so I'm still signing my name next to the preprinted thing, or adding a brief note.

Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot this. Yesterday morning I was really exhausted, I always am on Mondays because I never sleep on Sunday nights, no matter how tired I am. There was a thick coat of frost on the roads, making them really slippery, and I had to drive slower which meant I got stuck by the train and that made me late for work. So I park the car and I'm all flustered from being late and spacey/crabby from being so tired and as I walk into the lobby, some woman accosts me for a donation. It seems my company has partnered with Make a Wish for the holidays and it wasn't enough to put posters all through the buildings and encourage people to approach the designated floor leader, now they're going to panhandle too.

Now, I'm sure Make a Wish is a fine and worthy organization, however, I prefer to do my charitable giving when I'm at home and have time to evaluate the charity. I want to know how much is going to admin costs and how much actually goes to help the people they're supposed to be helping. I also hugely resented being accosted at 6am. I'm sure this is my company's way of meeting some goal the big shots wanted to meet, but I found it intrusive to walk into a dark lobby and immediately have someone hold out a big fake crystal bowl and say, "Make a Wish." I felt like saying, "I wish I win the lottery so I can quit the EDJ."

They were still leaping on people when I left yesterday afternoon. I sure hope that I can walk in to work today without having to run a gauntlet.