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Friday, December 08, 2006

Contest Reminder and Stuff

A reminder. The Shards of Crimson Contest is still underway. There's some great prizes including autographed books, handmade paper, a mug, stakes to take out a vampire and much more. For information on the prizes and instructions on how to enter, visit my website's Contest Page.

I came home yesterday and my closet door is still off. TBH, I'm not surprised about this although I was hoping that my dad would come over in the morning and get it fixed before he began his social engagements for the day. I'd lay money that I'm going to have to nag him for days/weeks before he takes care of it. It might just be easier to do it myself. All I'd need is some instructions on how to hang the door. From what one of the guys at work was saying, it didn't sound like it was too hard. Of course, I'm not particularly handy--any number of crafts projects I've attempted show proof of that--so this might not be the best solution.

Does everyone think sometimes about what they'd change about their house if they had it to do over? I mostly love my new home, but there are a few things that bug me. Like the position of some of the light switches. I have two switches for the laundry room, one is next to the door for the garage and the other is in my hallway. But I can't tell you how many times I've walked into the room and reached to the right on the inside wall. Or the fact that I have no light switches inside my garage for the overhead garage lights or the lights on either side of the garage front. It never even occurred to me that they wouldn't put those switches in. That was a big huh? I wish I had a phone jack on the other side of my bed, but at least I have two phone jacks in almost every room.

I also occasionally think of the good choices I made, like putting a light above the shower, or asking for a lot of lighting in my great room/kitchen area. I hate having to turn on a ton of lamps to have to see anything and this way I don't need them. :-)

Then there's the third category--what I don't have, but wanted and couldn't afford. Like under-the-counter lighting, upgraded carpeting and taller cabinets.