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Monday, December 11, 2006

MFW Award

I found out yesterday that I won Midwest Fiction Writers' Rising Star Award! How cool is that?!?

Yesterday, my dad came over while I was writing and mentioned that a kind of relative is going to be in town. My mom's sister's husband's granddaughter. LOL! I think that makes her a step-cousin or something to me. My dad wanted to invite her to have dinner at my house on Thursday night.

You're probably thinking, why at Patti's house? That would be because I don't have any clutter lying around. My counter tops are clear, as is my table and every other surface in my great room/dining room/kitchen area. Sure, I still have the two rooms that I haven't unpacked yet since my move, but merely closing the doors takes care of them. My parents have lots of clutter all the time. When I was in grade school, I knew if I ever wanted to find anything again that I had to hang on to it myself, that if I gave it to my mom or dad, that there would be a stressful twenty minute search when I needed it again. I don't get that, but nearly all my dad's brothers and sisters were the same way.

Anyway, I said fine. Then he starts checking what I have and what I don't have for cooking. My dad should know I only have the basics since I'm not particularly domestic, but he kept on and when that topic was exhausted, he still kept talking. Finally, I'm like, we need to wrap this up because I have to write!

I mean, what's up with this? When I want to talk to him, he's so anxious to go work on something else, that I have to keep saying to him, wait, I'm not finished yet. :-) But yesterday, when I needed to be working on something else, he was wound up. So I'm having company on Thursday and the guest bathroom has a shower rod between the tub and the toilet. No, my dad hasn't installed that yet. I guess I'll just have to put it in the tub. :-/