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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mostly Hectic Holiday Stuff

I finished Christmas cards last night. Hurrah! I'll get them out in the mail today and be finished with it. Now let's hope that no one unexpected sends me a card because I have none left. I might be able to scrounge up a card left over from previous years except that I have no clue which box they might be in.

I did get one card yesterday from someone I didn't expect to send me one. Fortunately, I hadn't finished cards yet, so I was able to send one in return, but boy, her card held bad news. Her husband, also a friend of mine, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Reading that was like taking a kick in the chest. He's been tested regularly, so they caught it early, but it's an aggressive strain.

Still haven't bought any Christmas presents. Gah! It's gift certificates for everyone, I guess. Again. And I still need to send out e-cards, but I haven't even had time to get over to the website and take a look. This time of the year is way too stressful and hectic.

I ordered a book that's out of print and has been out of print for years. It's called Screwballs by Jay Cronely and it's a book I've loved ever since I checked it out of the library years ago. It was out of print then too, but I found a copy very reasonably priced and it arrived yesterday. It's fiction. The story's about a baseball team full of high-priced free agents who get a new manager, a man who believes in the old school of baseball. It's a hilarious read. One of the descriptions I've remembered for years was when the manager talks about his rookie pitcher who has "all the control of a blind man throwing feathers in a hurricane." I don't know if you need to be a baseball fan to read and appreciate this story, but if you are, it's LOL funny.