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Monday, December 18, 2006

My Boring Life

Saturday, I made great progress on the WIP. Then, as has been the way with this book, I cut half of it on Sunday and rewrote. If I thought I did a lot of cutting and rewriting on Crimson Veil, this book is proving me wrong. Now I know what a lot means. :-/

After my brain shut down around 7:30, I went shopping online. Not for Christmas presents, which is probably what I should have been shopping for, but for other stuff. I kept waiting for some charity to send me those free address labels--after all, I have a huge collection with my old address--but I still haven't gotten any and I'm tried of writing it out by hand. I know, lazy, but it seems like such a waste of time. I happened to have a free shipping coupon code that expired at the end of the month so I decided it was a good opportunity to use it. After all, it was still early and I could finish picking up a few things and go to bed early. Yeah, right.

Next, I went to check out the online vitamin store. I'm running low on the B Complex (for energy, which I totally need since I never get enough sleep) and I wanted some Flaxseed oil in pill form. I tell you, there's way too much to choose from and I don't know what version is best. It's overwhelming.

I still had an coupon for $10 off at an office supply store and a coupon for $15 off my next shoe order and a coupon for free shipping from an online store that sells house stuff, but it was after 10pm by then. What happened to my early night? Sigh. So I'm really tired this morning and now I'm getting spam in foreign languages. I can't even understand the alphabet, so I'm betting it's Cyrillic (spelling?) or Slavic or whoever uses those different shaped letters.

I just realized how stupid and boring this post is. I was going to delete it, but it's 5am and I have to logoff and get ready for the day job, which means this stays. Sorry.