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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

That Holiday Feeling

We have a radio station here that's been playing Christmas music since Thanksgiving. I love that and I've been listening to it every day. I also have the holiday tunes on my MP3 player and I've been listening to those as well. When it comes to Christmas music, I guess I'm a traditionalist--I like to listen to Steve and Eydie, Andy Williams, Robert Goulet, Doris Day and Dean Martin among others. I just can't get into that rock or country flavor to my Christmas songs so I pretty much skip over all the "modern" renditions of the classics.

Every day for the last week or so, this radio station has been playing the Beach Boys Little Saint Nick and the more I hear it, the more I wonder if it's a contender for one of the worst holiday songs ever. With incisive lyrics like: Christmas comes this time each year, I think I might have a challenger for that title. :-) What do you think is the worst Christmas song ever?

I also have the holiday wallpaper up on my laptop. I found possibly the best picture ever. It shows a tropical beach with gentle waves washing ashore, and farther up the sand, someone's traced in the outline of a Christmas tree and put little ornaments on the outside points and a gingerbread man at the apex. I love it! A warm, tropical locale and Christmas--what could be better than that? (I live in MN. White Christmas is highly overrated!)

The house isn't decorated, but I don't own anything I can put up anyway, so that's a moot point. My mom's threatening to give me their artificial tree, maybe because that thing is a PITA to put up and take down again, but I'm resisting. :-) I don't have anywhere to put it anyway.

The holiday cards I ordered arrived yesterday so now I have no more excuses about not getting those out--other than the fact that I'm drowning, of course, but I don't think anyone thinks that's a valid reason. :-/

BTW, I've been getting a ton of hits from people doing a search for: How to hang a scarf valance. If one of you finds really good instructions on how to do this, would you please come back and share the link? I never found a how-to that covered a regular rod and made sense to me.