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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The War of Art

I'm reading a great book right now! It's called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. This book is for anyone who wants to pursue something be it writing, painting, working out or whatever, and has found excuses to delay doing anything. It really resonated strongly for me and I can't find enough good things to say about it.

Mr. Pressfield talks about Resistance being the root cause of why we procrastinate or sabotage ourselves to keep from pursuing our life's work, our need to create, our self-betterment. I'm only on page 33, but I want to send this book to about half a dozen people and say "READ THIS!"

This is probably the worst review you'll ever see for a book and I probably should wait until I finish it because I'm only in the section which is defining what Resistance is and how it manifests itself. Ways to combat it are coming later, but I'm honestly hugely excited about this work and I want to tell everyone about it now!

The book is broken up into really small sections so you can read it a little at a time, which is what I've been doing--a minute here, a minute there. What I've read so far as hit me as Truth and I've found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read. I've also laughed out loud, not just because the author was trying to be funny (although he has been in places), but because some of this is either stuff I've done myself or stuff I've seen other people do.

If you know anyone who's expressed an interest in starting something that calls to them and you see them make a gazillion excuses to avoid doing it, tell them about this book. I'm not getting any money or other consideration for blogging about this book--I'm just so freaking excited about it that I can't not talk about it. It's probably the best book for creativity and writing that I've ever read (and I'm only 33 pages into it!).

I'll probably mention it again, so beware. :-)

I'm having a lazy morning so far. I slept way late and can't seem to find any desire to move. I'll have to soon, though, because it's already noon and I'm starting to feel like a slug. I got my edits for In the Midnight Hour yesterday so I'll be doing that for the next little while. I need to rework two scenes in this book (I talked to my editor about it), so I do have a little writing to do, but mostly it will be left-brained stuff which is good for the end of the day.