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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog Readers

Edits are on their way to NYC. Yea! I ran out on lunch yesterday and mailed them. The temperature was supposed to be warm, but there was a wicked wind blowing hard enough to push the SUV around on the road. That definitely made me wish I could have stayed inside and warm.

I had to download a large file yesterday, and while I was waiting (I hate dial-up!), I added a couple of buttons to the blog. They're down below the blog roll links. One is to subscribe to the blog through Bloglines and the other with Google Reader. I have both, mainly because some site I visited called Google Reader one of the best new web things of 2006. Frankly, I prefer Bloglines because it's faster and I like the set up better, but it's all personal preference so I added both options.

I love blog readers (RSS readers). Without it, I'd hardly be able to read anyone's blog posts because of time. It's so much quicker to have everything on one site. Of course, I have to visit the blog to comment, and since I rarely do that even with the best of intentions, it saves me even more time. :-) I'm slow writer even for things like email and blog stuff. The reader also lets me follow baseball news for my favorite teams. The MLB website has links to each team's feed and I love it. Next year, I won't be sitting there going "What happened to so and so?"

I've tried a few home pages that rely on RSS feeds, but they haven't worked out for me. I don't know why I don't like them since there's no reason why I shouldn't. With some of the modules, my problem is you have to click through to see the information--like comics or horoscopes or something like that. I don't mind just having the news headlines because then I can decide whether or not I want to read more. Does anyone have a home page they really like? I'm open to trying more because I really don't like the one I'm using now real well either, but it's better than anything I've attempted to replace it with. I also need something that loads fairly fast because I have dial up. :-(

I'm working on going to high speed. Kind of. Okay, I made the decision, but now I'm waffling on whether I go with my cable provider or my ISP who offers service through my cable provider. There are too many decisions to make!