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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm Talking House Stuff

Do they sell covers for the bathtub? I ask because I have this huge tub in my master bath that I never use--I'm a shower person--but the tub keeps getting dusty. I could wipe it down every day and not keep up with it. Probably it's the hair dryer blowing things around, and not only do I have dust coating the tub, but strands of my hair are in the tub and on the tile surround. It seems ridiculous that I'm fighting this battle all the time, but I couldn't find anything when I did an online search. The best I found was an episode of some HGTV show where they built something to use as a lounge that covered the tub. Since I'm still waiting for my dad to take care of a few things--like rocking bar stools, bookcases that need to be assembled, etc--asking him to build something for me isn't an option.

The EDJ (glossary: EDJ = Evil Day Job) is offering incentives to us to have perfect attendance through the holiday season. From Dec 20 through Jan 7, we get $25 extra for each day we work and $50 if we're scheduled to work on Christmas Day or New Year's Day and do. It's not a huge amount of money, but I did some math, and if I make it through the end of this week, I'll get an extra $375. Figure 43% taken out in taxes--when I finally see the money. (In the small print, NWA does not promise to pay the incentive promptly.) But it's enough to pay for the ten foot runner I want to buy for the house. I didn't think I'd need it or want it, but there's this stretch of floor in front of the stair railing (leading into my office) that's crying out for it. It's my dad's fault. He put down a remnant of my carpeting before the movers came with all my stuff. It was to protect the floor, but I looked at it and went, well, yeah, I do need something there. Anyway, that remnant looks horrible, but I've left it there until I get the second runner.

While I'm on a roll about the house, I'll confess I'm getting really sick of seeing my office in disarray. I haven't had time to unpack my office or the spare bedroom (AKA the scrapbook room) and I'm really getting tired of it. It's not only time, although that's a huge factor, the other problem is I need enclosed storage (I'm thinking one of those filing units where the files hang sideways). That runs into another time issue--I need to look for something to fit in the one open spot I have--and a money issue--what I want isn't cheap.

The spare room has the same types of issues. I have a long, metal card table up in there and no other furniture. I'd like to buy a wide table I can scrapbook on and some storage/shelving units. I'm tired of seeing this room a mess too and I can't find stuff I want/need when I want and need it. It's very frustrating. TBH, I wish I could hire someone to organize both rooms for me, get a guided tour of where everything is and totally forget about it.

These are minor things, though. Overall, I really, really like my house. I like having enough room to spread my stuff out while I'm working on it (like my edits), and if I fill the table, I have my counter on the center island. I love the center island. :-)