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Saturday, January 06, 2007


You know, I can't get Polynesia out of my head. I had this heroine show up a while back who is half Polynesian and also found her hero who is half Polynesian as well. She's not talking to me at all, hasn't given me her name or anything about her. Same with the hero. But the damn thing is that I can't get this potential story out of my head. I have no plot, nothing--seriously--but all it takes is a picture of a tropical island and my brain goes right to this story. I'm buying research books well in advance of ever needing them and everything.

If she (or he) was talking to me, I could understand this obsession I have, but they're both mum. This is a good thing because I have the story from hell to work on yet and edits for my August book to finish, but man, I want to know this new story and I want the characters to talk to me. Or at least part of me does. The sensible part is like, no, stay away! :-)

It happened again today when I saw a picture from Moorea Island. It's part of French Polynesia. Now, I wonder if that's where my heroine's ancestors came from. She (and the hero) grew up in America. (Thank God! It would be a bitch to learn another culture well enough to write someone who grew up in it. It's different with paranormals like my demons in the Crimson world or my heroine who can do magic from In the Midnight Hour. I get to create those worlds, those rules, but I wouldn't have that ability with a real culture/society.) So this morning, I've been looking at pictures of Moorea. Sigh.

I'm so looking forward to finishing the book from hell so that I can play with my new characters. Oh, yeah, I guess I need to finish the two other proposals I was working on and dropped to focus on the WIP. The romantic suspense story is mostly done, I think. All I'll need to do is another read through of that--hopefully. The futuristic proposal needs some rewriting. My writing buddy pointed out some things that mean some major work before I can send this in. But like my Polynesian heroine, these two stories have to wait too. Double sigh.

I totally understand why the stories I'm not working on are so tempting. It's because I'm not writing them. :-)

Ah, well. Some day, I will be working on my Polynesian story and I'll be cursing at those characters as much as I am at Creed and Maia. :-) It's the nature of writing.