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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wake Me Up In April

It's funny how weather can affect my moods and energy level. In the summer when it's nice and warm, I can wake up and feel determined, industrious and ready to tackle mountains. In the winter when it's cold and/or snowy, I just want to sleep. It makes me wonder if once, long ago in the predawn times if humans hibernated. If this desire for extra sleep was simply limited to me, I'd say it's a personal quirk, but I know a lot of people who really spool down in the winter. When the vernal equinox rolls around, it's like people here in Minnesota come out of stasis.

Take my plans for today. I'm going to my chapter meeting and I really should wash some bedding and clean the house. I also need to write. Right now, though, what sounds good is a nap. :-)

I think the bears have it right. They go to sleep in fall and wake up when the weather warms. No dealing with temperatures in the negative numbers, no shoveling snow out of the cave--just wake me when it's spring. Sounds like a plan to me.

I'll go into my cave right after New Year's (the holidays make early winter seem okay, but by mid-January, I'm done with winter) and come out when I can wear my light jacket again.

What's bringing these thoughts on? Aside from the fact that I'm still really sleepy, of course. It's 1 degree here this morning. The wind chill takes us to -10. A few days ago it was in the mid 30s. I am so ready for spring!

My book on Polynesian mythology arrived yesterday. I only glanced through it real quickly since I'm not allowed to play with my new characters just yet. It looks like it's going to have exactly the kind of information I was looking for, and I was right--it is a textbook. It's so cool what some colleges have for class offerings. My university didn't have any of the really intriguing classes like the ones where they study television shows, but we had Intro to Theater where we were required to go to 3 plays and write reviews where we had to cover certain criteria. I didn't particularly enjoy 2 of the plays I saw, but I loved The Importance of Being Ernest.

I had a love for theater, though, long before I took that class. I can't really attribute it to my parents since I was always the one begging to go to a play. This is one of the truly great things about living in Minneapolis--our theater. Minneapolis has acting talent that easily rivals what I've seen on Broadway. Our Guthrie Theatre is nationally renown, maybe even world renown, and we have lots of big productions travel through town. We've even had shows destined for Broadway start here before going to NYC. It makes me one happy camper, although, I haven't had much time for the theater in a while now.

Musical theater, though, is probably my favorite, although anything by Shakespeare is a close second. (Favorite Shakespeare play is Much Ado About Nothing because I love the romance between Beatrice and Benedick.)

Anyway, before I run through and review all the plays I can remember seeing in my life, I suppose I should logoff and take a shower. The nap sounds better, though.