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Monday, February 12, 2007

Dreaming of Spring

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training today and the entire team will be in camp on Feb 20th, I think. Maybe I've got the dates wrong, but I do know it's this week. I look forward to spring training from the minute the baseball season ends in October. It gives me hope that the snow and ice will melt, that the temperatures will warm, and that I can abandon my coat, hat and boots. Plus, there's ball! :-)

My favorite way to write is with baseball on the television, sound muted. When I need to think, I look up and watch for a little bit, then go back to work. Now, I usually have QVC on because TV is a habit. Only I look up, see something cool, and have to struggle not to order it. Baseball is definitely better.

Let's see. Got a decent amount of work in this weekend on the BFH (Book From Hell). I'm still second guessing myself, but I'm trying to ignore that little voice. I need to make a turn in the scene I'm working on now and I'm debating how to do it. I fell asleep thinking about that last night, so I'll think about it some more today.

I found a copy of Sliding Doors at Best Buy for $6.99 and I think I'm going to get it. Like I said yesterday, I totally loved this movie. It's fate that there's a DVD sale on at the same time I saw it. :-)

My new scrapbooks that I ordered from QVC arrived. I love the polka dot one, the other is nice enough, but not quite my style. I'll keep it anyway. Paper was okay, but again, not my style. Lots of flowers and I'm not a flower person. I don't want flowers on my clothes, my curtains, upholstery or scrapbook paper. Of course, I'm a paper slut, so I have more than enough scrapbook paper that these sheets are really superfluous. :-) And I can always slice them up and use them for matting or something.