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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Good, Bad and Ugly

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday, and as I've done 99% of the time throughout the football playoff season, I was rooting for the losing team. I'd even downloaded the Super Bowl Shuffle video done by the 1985 Bears team to prepare for the big game. :-) It started out so well, but went downhill before long. Sigh. At least the commercials were good this year. The last few years, I felt they were pretty lame, but not this time. Yea!

The one I liked that I remember the best is the moon office when the Fed Ex space ship came to make deliveries and pick ups. I also liked a lot of the Coke commercials. My favorite of those was when the animated guy walks around doing nice things for people and the message was something along the lines of a little love going a long way.

My least favorite commercials? I hated that one for Sales Genie or whatever it was. It embodied everything I dislike about advertising. I also didn't like the Go Daddy commercials. I was more interested in the $1.95 domain names than I was in dancing girls in the Marketing Department, so I don't know why they had to put them in except for the sex factor. It was unnecessary IMO. BTW, I checked out their site for the $1.95 domain names and the cheapest I found was $8.95 plus $.50 ICANN fee. I have a site that charges the same price without the added fee, so I'll be sticking with them.

The other thing I noticed this year that I don't remember hearing in years past was that the Super Bowl commercials are available online to replay. CBS mentioned having it on their website during the game, and when I logged into MySpace, they had them available too. Cool!

Last night, when I went to bed, I was laying there and had a story show up with characters. I already know it's one I'll never write--the heroine was a princess and the hero an army officer in her country who was protecting her without her knowledge--but it was interesting to have a "bedtime story." :-) That hasn't happened in a while, where characters I'm not working with, and likely will never work with, just show up and play their story out for me. I enjoyed it, and really, what could be better to fall asleep to than a princess and a handsome, honorable, protective officer?