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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Here I go Again

I did it again. Hugely overslept. Gah! This all goes back to a bad decision I made at bedtime. I always turn my heat down to 64 degrees for the night, but it's so cold here and I was freezing last night! I decided to leave the thermostat at 68 degrees instead. I know I get warmer as I sleep and I have a down blanket, but I figured if I woke up, I'd just turn down the heat then and go right back to sleep. I was half right.

About 1:15 this morning, I did wake up because I was hot. I did get up and turn down the heat. I then laid in bed trying to fall asleep for hours. I didn't hear the alarm for a really long time.

I also dreamed about a shark attack. Sigh. I used to have shark dreams all the time, but now they're rare. I wish I'd skipped this one. The only plus is that it was in kind of a past tense way, so I wasn't actually seeing the attack, just the results of it.

It was interesting to see what Super Bowl commercials received the public's votes as favorites. I was really surprised to see the Sierra Mist commercial with the beard comb over was in the top 5. I could practically hear crickets chirping when it was over, that's how lame I thought it was and a guy at work commented on how that spot bombed. I'd assumed he'd seen feedback already and I hadn't at that point. I also so bits and pieces on the local news of commercials I'd missed, like Oprah and David Letterman. That one wasn't listed on MySpace, but I did rewatch the fake dalmatian spot for Budweiser. That dog was just so cute!

Gotta run. Again.