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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Totally Support Hibernation

You should see how high the snow is piled in the parking lot at the EDJ! (Evil Day Job) It's taking up a huge amount of space and it's towering as it is. The news also showed the places where MNDOT drops the snow they've pulled from the freeways and those lots are piled high from last weekend's storm too. And here comes another one. Sigh. We're under a winter storm warning from noon today until 6pm on Friday. Why can't these storms move out faster? Anyway, we're due for another 10-15 inches. Do you see me smiling? No? It's because I'm not! Argh!

I more or less missed out on the last storm because it hit on the weekend and I was off from the EDJ the Monday afterward, but I'm not so lucky this time. I think I said this before, but it's worth repeating--bears have the right idea. Go to sleep and wake up when winter is over. Hibernation is a good thing!

I'm still behind on everything and I didn't even attempt to answer email yesterday. Instead, I went to bed before 8pm. Oooh, the exciting life of an author! ;-) But I was so tired, I was absolutely worthless yesterday.

Speaking of author stuff, I made a copy of my galley for my mom to proof read for me. This should be interesting since it's the darkest book I've written. Oh, well, if she could proof the novella for me, she'll survive this too. :-) So far, I've discovered my name spelled wrong on the copyright page and I'm totally wondering how the publisher got the quotes they used. Well, one of them anyway. They quoted stuff from an another author on my first book, Ravyn's Flight, that I didn't excerpt on my website. I checked. In fact, to check the accuracy of the quote, I had to search the archives of one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to. Weird. The only thing I can think of is that after I asked that author for permission, I forwarded the notes to my first publisher who passed it along to the second. It's a mystery.