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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

That weird time inversion thing is happening again this morning. Somehow it's 4:45 already and I'm just getting around to posting. Hmm. It must be time travel. Now if I could only learn to harness my super power.

I was working on a scene yesterday and it was like I'd hit a dead end. I was sputtering, trying to find a way to get the momentum back and I reached a conclusion. I needed to change point of view to my hero. I considered that for a while and decided I was right about that. Maia is shocked, stunned and not moving the scene forward anymore. The problem is that Creed barely dribbles information to me. Working with him is torture because of how reticent he is and how hard I have to push him to get anything. After the last time I was in his head, I swore I was sticking with Maia for the foreseeable future.

Last night, though, I cut the stuff in Maia's head that wasn't working, ended the scene and started a new one with Creed. And as I expected, I'm dragging it out of him. You know, he's the least communicative hero I've ever had. Ever. I'm starting to get an inkling of how frustrated women get when their husbands won't talk to them.

I'm off from the EDJ (Evil Day Job) on Friday and Monday and I plan to get a lot of hours in on the book. If the glimmer I'm getting of the next chapter pans out, I'll be in Creed's head some more. Oh, joy.