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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Garage Door Adventures

Whew! I've finally fulfilled all my judging responsibilities and I can now return to writing on my lunch hour. I wasn't sure I was going to make the deadline without a huge push, but I have almost 2 weeks to spare.

I had more garage door adventures yesterday morning. I hit the button and the door went up 6, maybe 8 inches, and stopped. I put it down again, gave the spot that had stuck before a kick--hey! it worked last time--and tried to open the door again. Nope. This time, I frantically grabbed, lifted, and shook it in three spots before trying to open it again. It finally went up. My theory is ice locked up something, maybe the hinges. It's been warm the last couple of days and the snow has been melting and refreezing at night. Because I was trapped in the garage, I ran a couple of minutes late and because of that, I got stuck by the stupid train (you can substitute an expletive for stupid--I did) and because I got stuck by the train, I was late for work. Grrr.

I was actually able to painlessly move my newsletter from Yahoo Groups to the new service. Shocked me since Yahoo tends to make nothing simple, yet this was. It took less than five minutes. The thing that's interesting is in the one day since I switched over, I acquired more new subscribers than I did in a typical month with Yahoo. Either it's the new website format where people can just put in their email address and hit enter or Yahoo was a detriment for people. I wonder which it was.