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Friday, February 02, 2007


Yesterday, the PEARL Award nominees were announced. For those of you unfamiliar with this award, it comes from readers of paranormal romance. I believe subscribers from five email loops and a MySpace group eligible to nominate. TBH, I'd kind of forgotten the announcement was coming--maybe because I didn't expect to receive a nomination. I was wrong.

Eternal Nights was nominated for Best Futuristic!!! Whoo hoo!!!

I think maybe the fact that it was so unexpected made it even more exciting that it would have been normally. :-) Even the way I found out was kind of unexpected. I was checking out the Dorchester forums and another author had posted that she, a second author and myself had finaled.

The announcement had been made on the loops and a bulletin had been sent out on MySpace, but I'm no mail or on digest on nearly all my loops and I get so many bulletins, that if it didn't come within about 15 minutes of when I'm on the site, it's probably off my home page. I almost never go in and look at the full list of bulletins. Heck, I confess, sometimes I don't even glance at the bulletins that are on my home page because I get so many from the same people.

So anyway, once I did have my hands on the list and after I had sent it to my EN editor, the publicity/promo woman and my agent, I just sat there and stared at it. And grinned. It was a fabulous surprise and almost made me forget the unbearably cold temps here in MN. Almost. ;-)

To check out the complete list of finalists, visit the ParaNormal Romance website.