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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Promo Stuff

Last night, I think I dreamt about Ryne and Deke (the h/h from In the Midnight Hour). At least I woke up with them on my mind and there was no reason to do that unless I had been dreaming about them. The Deke in my mind when I woke up looked just like the Deke on the cover of the book. :-) The woman still doesn't look like my Ryne, but 50% isn't bad. I just wish I could see the final version of the cover. The book never feels real until I have that and can start using it for promotion.

Speaking of promotion, I've been trying to figure out how to promo this book and when everything needs to be done. I always do bookmarks and I'll probably mail out a postcard to bookstores alerting them to the release, although I'm not sure the timing on sending that, and I'm looking at doing another book trailer for it, although a more elaborate one than what I did for Eternal Nights. It's difficult to make decisions and I'm busy. :-) Seriously, how far away are we from human cloning?

Since I'm a little crabby this morning, I'm going to talk about a pet peeve of mine--authors promoing themselves on Yahoo Group loops. Especially loops that are all writers. It's bad enough that I have to hear how "excited" the author is that her tenth book received four shamrocks from St. Paddy's Book Reviews, but then I have to scroll past all the one-line congratulations messages. If it's a first book, yeah, I do believe they're excited. Everything on the first book is exciting. Tenth book? I doubt it. It's gotten to the point that on some loops, all I do is glance at the index of notes and hit delete. There are some authors that just never stop.

I just get so tired of this blatant "ME ME ME" stuff. Yeah, it's a tough out there, and yeah, writers read, but it's out of hand. I could vent for a while longer, but I won't. Y'all can post thank you comments below. :-)