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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Scrapbook Fair

Yesterday, QVC had a couple of hours called "Scrapbook Fair" on their schedule. I should know better than to watch this--really, I should. First, I haven't had time to scrapbook in a couple of years now. Second, I still haven't unpacked anything in the spare bedroom (AKA the scrapbook room). The last thing I needed to do was order anything and add more stuff to this room. And third, scrapbooking stuff gets expensive.

But QVC is an enabler. They sent me an email over the weekend telling me that Tuesday was going to have a few hours devoted to scrapbooking. And they offered me a chance to order Tuesday's Special Value early. It happened to be an 8,000 piece scrapbooking kit complete with a really cool polka dot scrapbook. Well, I needed some more scrapbooks because I only have three and I want one for each book. Never mind that I haven't finished scrapping Ravyn's Flight from 2002 yet. I ordered two of the kits--one in blue and one in purple.

I didn't even have to turn on the television to do that. I was done shopping, I decided. Absolutely no need to actually tempt myself further. Except yesterday I was flipping through the channels right after I got home from work and there was Scrapbook Fair. I had to watch some of it. I bravely resisted the cute rub-on transfers and the embellishments. Then they showed it.

It was a Cricut machine that cuts out letters, shapes and preprogrammed sentiments. I'd heard of it before, but it's a lot of money and I told myself I could wait. Then I heard the words that struck fear into my heart: it's the last day at the introductory price. Gah!

Now, I had a decision to make. To order or not to order, that is the question. A lady I used to work with had ordered one. She'd investigated prices and said QVC was the best value because it came with two cartridges. Since she was always really good about checking out prices, I knew this had to be true. And if I didn't order on Tuesday, the QVC price would be going up.

I waffled. I didn't want to spend that money. There are other things I need more like a carpet runner and and some pieces of furniture. Then the host announced that they'd run out of the preorder allotment, but that their buyers had managed to get a promise of more from the manufacturer. When this extra number ran out, though, that would be it for a while.

I caved like a house of cards.

So now, not only do I have two scrapbook kits headed my way, I also have a Cricut machine and a tool kit. I had to order the tool kit too, right?

Yeah. Sigh.